September, hello there!

Friends, September is upon us. Remember how I had this great idea of blogging about my time in Williston? Geez. July 1st was my last post. Let me catch you up.

Marshall: Ever since we moved to Williston at the end of April, his work has slowed down significantly. He’s sticking it out and working hard. I always tell him, if he sticks with it and proves he is dependable, God will bless him and reward him for his perseverance. I just know it. Thankful I get to see him more often since he’s not working crazy hours. That’s been fun.

Maddox: We now have an almost 14 month old small human. I swear all his “baby” is gone. He’s a little boy! He is so adventurous and curious everywhere we go. He loves to go in the kitchen and pull out food from the pantry, walk it over to us, hold it in the air, and whine. We just assume he’s hungry. He’s getting good at that, but might be taking advantage of us. Haha! I can now ask him to throw something in the trash and watch him take it over to the trash can, open it, and throw stuff away! It’s brilliant! How does he know these things already? It’s awesome. Although, he hasn’t quite figured out that we don’t hit Mommy in the face. He laughs. We fight over the computer, too. That is embarrassing. Once i realize I’m fighting with a toddler, it’s stupid. Maddox is the best, though. I love getting to spend everyday with him and get to introduce him to this world full of new things. No, he’s not allowed to date. Already determined that.

Me: I’m doing okay adjusting to a new place. I have always said I thrive on change. It’s what I’m used to. This “change” though has had me in all sorts of emotions that I never expected. Not too long after I moved here, my sister hosted a freezer meal workshop. I decided to go just to meet people and socialize. I didn’t participate in the actual assembly of meals. At the end of the night, I signed up to be a Rep for this company I had never heard of. Wildtree. Why you ask? I really don’t know how to answer that, other than I knew it would be a great way to meet new people in a brand new place. So I did just that. I launched my business with my sister hosting my first workshop. From then on, I haven’t stopped. Wildtree has been my blessing in disguise. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be doing direct sales. NEVER. I never did like the idea of trying to get people to buy things from me. Having parties. The awkward self marketing tools and strategies. Blah. Let me tell you though, Wildtree has been completely opposite of all of those things. I’ve been able to help transform the kitchens of hundreds of families in Williston and surrounding areas. It’s just crazy to me! I always tell people, everyone makes dinner! We are all in this same boat of trying to figure out meal planning and prep. Wildtree provides all the tools needed to get 10+ meals out of a workshop experience. Know what’s cool about that, too? It’s all-natural, organic, no GMOs, preservatives, additives, dyes, high fructose corn syrup. I’m thankful for this journey. It’s providing income for us while Marshall isn’t making as much as he used to. God knew exactly what we needed. He is good! I’m also busy trying to find a place to make “home” here. We live in an apartment, which is fine, but just not ideal. We need a backyard for Bruiser. Walls of our own so Maddox can scream and cry without our neighbors thinking we’re hurting each other. Praying about potential homes to rent in this area. I’m ready! I’ve met some new friends, too. I’m so thankful my sister is here and that Maddox can be with his cousins. He loves them! It’s such a blessing for us both. I  miss my family back in CO a lot. I have been away from most of my family before, but not since I became a Mom. I value the times my parents get to be with Maddox and see me as a parent. I want to make a trip home before snow comes! When is that supposed to happen? Ah, oh well. I hope not too soon. Everyone always tells me, “just wait for winter here!” I always respond, “Oh I know. I’ll hate it.” I’m just not sure how to prepare. We will soon find out!

Here’s some pictures of our latest shenanigans. I turned 29, we took a family day trip to the lake to explore, and Marshall and I got to go out of town for our first overnight date without Maddox. It was a lot of fun! love you guys!

Lewis & Clark State Park

Lewis & Clark State Park

Medora Musical

Medora Musical

Trenton Lake

Trenton Lake

Medora for my 29th birthday

Medora for my 29th birthday

Indoor playground at the church, along with a coffee shop!

Indoor playground at the church, along with a coffee shop!

I want to tell you my story.

Times have changed my friends. Looking back at my photo blog has me inspired, scared, and reassured that God had me in the right place at the right time back then. I believe my last post was from 2013. I was substitute teaching, taking photos, a newlywed, had a new puppy, and trying to figure out the day to day. Well here we are July 2015, I’ve been married for 3 years, have an almost ONE year old son, Bruiser is still truckin’ along with us, and we live in North Dakota. Whaaaaat? North Dakota?! Yes. You read that right. I’m a full time stay at home Mom and I am so thankful! My husband works in the oil field, which is why we moved to North Dakota.

My photo blog is going to look a bit different this time around. I want to tell you my story. My new chapter. I want to tell you about moving to Williston, North Dakota and the adventure it has been. I want to tell you about my son and what it’s like being a Mommy. I can’t WAIT to tell you about how I get anxiety every time I leave my apartment (story in itself moving from a house to an apt) because I have to cross a major highway where semi’s and pick up trucks are speeding by! ….although the speed limit is only 40mph. It’s silly. Wal-Mart is close. That’s nice, except I don’t feel completely safe there by myself. :/ It’s been “home” to my sister and her family for over 3 years now. I’m trying to make it my home, but it’s going to take more time than I expected. Thankful that I’m here and that I’m ready to paint the picture for you, too. Although, you should just come visit us. That will be so much easier.

new seasons

I just wanted to check back in to tell you that God is seriously good. I’ve had full weeks of subbing. I’m also learning a lot from other photographers right now about business, life, balance, editing, aesthetic, and what’s next. I just want yall to know that I’m in. I’m ready to do it. I want to make mistakes, I want to be successful,  and ultimately I want to glorify the Lord all the while. It feels right. I know this season has felt silly and seemed to be not important, but seriously, this is the most important time in my life! I’m getting to experience the most random things, but I am confident this is where the Lord wants me.

Sitting here today in an 8th grade American History classroom, (anyone that knows me knows I hate history and failed the first time around in college) I’ve had the chance to sit and wonder about this life. Marshall and I have so much going on right now that all we have at the end of the day is each other and the God of the Universe to thank. Please pray for us as we continue to grow together, learn about each other, and seek what’s next for us.

I’ll keep you updated.


This past Sunday at church they started a new series called “Endgame.” Marshall and I host a Life Group at our house on Tuesday nights. We are studying a book called “The Me I Want To Be.”  After being at church on Sunday, I’ve thought so much about my dreams, my goals, where I want to be, and what really the “Endgame” is all about. I am not sure I’ll ever see the “Endgame.” I have been struggling with where I’m at right now professionally. I feel like I spent so much time and effort getting my degree in Art Education that if I don’t become an Art teacher my life isn’t what it’s supposed to be. I’ve spent a semester as a Substitute teacher. I’m gearing up for my second semester now. I honestly don’t feel content here. I have desires outside of the classroom. Putting my finger on those though has been a challenge. I told my Mom recently that sometimes I think we do things because we HAVE to and sometimes we do things because we WANT to. I think I might be in the place where I need to do something because I HAVE to. All at the same time, I had my very best friend ask me why I can’t do the things I’m passionate about, or things that get me jazzed, outside of my paying job? Why does it have to be the thing you get paid for?? I loved that! Yes, Court, you’re right!

Anyway, last night we had our friends over to talk about the book. The sermon was brought up from Sunday. (Which I love when they all come circling back around and we can process what we learned on Sunday into our Tuesday nights! So good.) I feel that it’s time to take one day at a time. It’s time to apply myself in the daily things. Sometimes I don’t even know what the week looks like! It’s scary to me. I am constantly proven by God that He totally has me in His hands. Duh Makenzie. It all works out!

I’m at the point where the traditional classroom might not be where God wants me to use my talents in Art and relating to kids. I have the desire to do both. What in the world does that look like!? I’m stuck right now, but I know God is going to show me. I’m excited to listen and to react. I always think back to the time when Sean (pastor at church) spoke about a girl who was planning to go on a mission trip. She told him, “Oh, I just know God is going to provide the $3,000 I need to get to -wherever it was.-” Sean said, “Umm, yeah right! God isn’t going to magically place it in your hands. You have to DO something about it! Follow His leads!” I am so encouraged by that. Yes, let’s do it. So through this adventure of photography, I’m praying that God will use me to glorify Him more and to possibly begin a whole new journey. Who knows what it means!? I’m stoked about it though.

So I’m planning to keep on keepin’ on! Thanks for enduring this journey with me. I’m praying. That’s all I have right now! and all I want right now!

I’ll keep you posted.


Just sayin…

There are endless ideas and layouts for blogs. I’m seriously overwhelmed. It’s crazy. I am just going with what I have! I hope it acts as enough for yall to enjoy these people and their stories. It’s been fun! Just frustrating sometimes, not really knowing what I’m doing. Maybe I’m not supposed to admit that? Oh well. Enjoy some hilarity from my Christmas vacation 🙂

The Dirschl Family



Combine a sweet location with random buildings, a frozen lake, a vintage green chair, and a fun family and you’ll get this photo shoot! I had a great time running (literally) around with the Dirschl family this weekend. I hope as you experience these photos you will get a glimpse at their relationship and personalities. This is why I love doing this. I learned so much about these four individuals in the hour we spent together. It was awesome! Thanks you guys for allowing me to take some risks in shooting with this old green chair and Heather, on your birthday!

DSC_0100_2DSC_0207_2 DSC_0216 DSC_0218 DSC_0230 DSC_0238_2
DSC_0246_2DSC_0103_2 DSC_0106_2 DSC_0144_2DSC_0123_2
DSC_0150_2 DSC_0162_2 DSC_0178 DSC_0193_2 DSC_0199_2 DSC_0204_2 DSC_0030DSC_0011_2DSC_0017_2DSC_0023_2DSC_0045_2 DSC_0073 DSC_0078 DSC_0082_2 DSC_0085 DSC_0088_2 DSC_0093

Musician: Will Livingston

You guys. I’m so excited to get to tell you about this local musician! He has worked really hard teaching himself the piano and the guitar. He’s so talented. I had the opportunity to shoot his Promo shots for his new release! It just came out yesterday, Friday December 7th.

Check him out at

On Facebook

Enjoy these photos 🙂

Ps. This is my brother!!!! I’m such a proud big sister. I’m so thankful we can share in the gifts God has given us. He plays music and I can photograph his story. So good. 

The Howell Family

This Thanksgiving some good friends of our family invited us over to celebrate the holiday together. My husband and I were in charge of the green bean casserole. We ate way too much food and watched football, played catch phrase, and my favorite, Nertz! Before all the eating began, I took the Howell family into their backyard to take some family pictures. Enjoy learning a little bit about this family, their dynamics, and their hilarious personalities! Don’t miss their 3 pugs! They crack me up! (Piper, Chaz, and Alan.)

Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving with us! It was such a joy to be with you guys and I’m so thankful for you.